"Game of Thrones"

with makeup and without

So basically they are all just really gorgeous all the frickin time

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Tenth Doctor + reactions when being flirted with.

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Late night movie choice of tonight is…The Descent. 😱

Late night movie choice of tonight is…The Descent. 😱

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"how are you single?"


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“I just didn’t like how blatant country music was,” she says, laughing again. “Nothing seemed poetic or subtle. Nothing could be interpreted two different ways! It’s all very spelled out. James Taylor can write ‘Fire and Rain’ and tell you it’s about a mental institution, this and that – and you listen to it, and you’re trying to decipher it all. And, you know, a country song would be like [sings twangily], ‘I’m in a mental institution!’ ”
Ten years after taking on a president, Dixie Chicks’ Natalie Maines declares war on Nashville.

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not sure what it is about tiny bows on bras and underwear but theyre neat as hell

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